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15 Energy-Boosting Alternatives to Caffeine

Photo credit:  Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

In today’s fast paced world it is often a morning standard to roll out of bed and head straight for the coffee maker or to grab a large latte on the way to work. Many people turn to soda and other caffeinated drinks throughout the day to keep them going as well.

Unfortunately for most people too much caffeine in our systems can have some major short term and long term health consequences. If you are looking to kick your caffeine habit, check out these 15 healthier alternatives to help keep you on the go in a more natural way.

1) Blue Green Coconut Water

If you’re looking for a great naturally hydrating and energizing alternative to your average cup of java or sugary soda, this amazing combination is the way to go. Because of its high levels of potassium coconut water acts as one of the best natural electrolyte replacements you can get your hands on.

Coconut water is going to work better than Gatorade and other sports rinks to replace those important electrolytes and mineral when you need them most. Use coconuts water from fresh young coconuts or organic canned coconut water for this quick and easy breakfast or mid-day pick me up drink.

Spirulina is the second important ingredient in this caffeine alternative. The blue-green algae powder can be found in most health food stores or in the organic bulk section of your local supermarket. As Spirulina is made up of about 60 to 70 percent protein and contains all 8 essential amino acids, it is one of the most healthy and transformative supplements you can take.

It is also jam packed with other vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and chlorophyll.