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12 Weird Things That Will Make You Happy

Photo credit:   Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Everyone has their go-to recipe for happiness, whether it’s indulging in chocolate, cuddling with your spouse or kids, or escaping for a walk on the beach. But, science is revealing some unexpected ways to pick up your mood. If your go to method isn’t quite getting it done, or if you want to add a new mood-booster to the routine, try these surprising ways to get happy.

12) Fake a Grin

Sometimes you really can fake it ‘til you make it. Plastering on a smile, even when you are feeling blue, can make you happy. According to Psychology Today, the act of smiling, which flexes certain muscles in the face, sends a message to the brain that you are happy and, in return, you will start to feel happy. The more genuine of a smile you can muster up, the greater the effect will be.

A fake smile will flex the muscles around the mouth, but a real smile will crinkle the corners of your eyes, which will provide an even bigger mood boost. There is also a social aspect to smiling. When you smile, other people will smile back which will also lift your mood. This trick works for laughter as well. Finding something to chuckle about, even when you are in a bad mood, can relieve stress and lead to a sunnier outlook. So, find something, whether it’s a silly cat video or your spouse’s lame joke, to at least fake a laugh about and your whole outlook can change.